B. Shana Saichek

Known for effective and innovative work on behalf of her clients – from small, single union VEBAs to multiple employer GASB and IRS compliant multi-million-dollar pension plans, Ms. Saichek is a professional and powerful force in the sophisticated field of establishing Retiree Medical Trusts. Ms. Saichek established the Saichek Law Firm, APC, in 2007, with offices in San Diego and Seattle, after representing benefit plan fiduciaries in the public and private sector since 1980. Previously, Ms. Saichek was a partner with the Seattle-based law firm Carney Badley Spellman, PS, where she headed the Employee Benefits Group, which represented a wide variety of employee benefit plans.

Ms. Saichek is the leading attorney in establishing Retiree Medical Trusts, having developed the concept in response to clients’ concerns a decade ago that they needed to provide for their employees’ and members’ retiree medical costs.

“Clients know if they have an issue with their retiree medical trust, they can call the Saichek Law Firm, who will help them to quickly and efficiently resolve their problems.”

Among her notable achievements, in addition to drafting the plan documents and trust agreements, Ms. Saichek has successfully submitted IRS applications to obtain VEBA or Integral Part Trust status for more than twenty retiree medical trusts. Also, she often works directly with the bargaining parties to develop language for the trusts, to ensure optimal tax advantages. Learn more

The attorneys at Saichek Law Firm, APC, offer a broad range of legal services to benefit plan fiduciaries. They have represented fiduciaries of employee benefit plans ranging from a small single union firefighters’ retiree medical trust to million-dollar pension plans, including Taft-Hartley plans, 115 integral part trusts, and a variety of health and welfare and pension plans.