Flexible Implementation Alternatives

Public sector unions can implement a RMT on their own, in partnership with their employer, or by the employer alone.

The RMT can be sponsored by one jurisdiction alone, or an association of jurisdictions, unions or employees.

How to Implement an RMT

The RMT program is designed based on features such as service and age eligibility, surviving spouse benefits, sick leave rollover, retiree COLAs (cost of living adjustments), etc.

A plan sponsor meets with the attorney to develop the plan design (determine eligibility rules, distribution options, etc.)

Actuary reviews current asset level, program design, future expenses and contributions, to create a customized financial model of the Retiree Medical Trust.

Actuary determines an appropriate starting benefit level, using the financial model and presents future benefit projections under alternate scenarios.

Together, we will manage a plan characterized by integrity and innovation.